WoodsMere Farm

Icelandic Sheep & Sheep Products

2017 Lambs for sale.   Thanks for taking a look at us!   

Nestled amid glacier boulders, underground aquifers and enriched soils is the land my sheep call home. WoodsMere means a small pond in the woods and perfectly describes their homestead located in upper Bucks County, PA.  


Icelandic sheep are easy keepers, have excellent mothering skills and are very hardy.  While their stature is medium-sized, they are big on personality.  Our small flock displays a variety of natural colors that provide beautifully spun wool.  Icelandics are shorn twice a year, double the wool output than most sheep.  They also have mild tasting meat and cheese making milk capabilities; very few sheep breeds can claim to be triple purpose.   To read more about Icelandics, please click on the button below.


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